Louvres are designed for a wide variety of situations to provide aesthetic and/or performance related benefits.

Factors To Consider

Air flow volume

Restriction of water

Structual Requirements

Vermon/Bird Proofing

Natural Light entry

Vision In/Out

Manufactured from strong durable extruded aluminium sections, there are 2 main styles, blade or elliptical, each style having its own unique advantages.

All our louvre products are premium quality with strength and thickness unrivalled by our competitors.

ww10232 Elliptical Style

ww11038 Small Back to Back

ww11038 Small Blade

ww11040 Panel Style

ww11040 Between Masonry

ww11040 Continuous Style View Gallery

double sided

69mm Double Sided Blade

Aldi- Marion 107mm Z-Blade_5

EL1671 107mm Z-Blade

Aldi-Marion 115mm ZZ-Blade_6

EME 5144 Double Z-Blade

Old Reynella - 55mm Z-Blade_1

WW11038 55mm Z-Blade