Aluminium Fencing & Gates

Stainless Steel Cable

Horizontal slat fencing is manufactured using our revolutionary 72mm x 27.8mm rectangular section. Being 2mm thick and able to span larger distances, it allows for increased design applications. The product can be manufactured into panel style fixed between posts or ranch style running continuously in front of posts. Our unique product is a available in Likewood ( 2 shades ) and anodised or can be powdercoat finish.

For a more architectural fencing look, the elliptical louvre can be manufactured into panel type fencing or gates.

Stainless steel cable fencing uses 4mm cable with anodised aluminium posts. Completed with our in house designed stainless steel tensioners, which enables tightening  or loosening if there is any ground movement.

Stainless Steel Cable

ww9170 Anodised/Powdercoat

ww9170 Likewood